Monday, 1 July 2013

Is Suraj Pancholi guilty ??

I know this is not new one and he has already been behind the bars for the account of ziah's suicide. I was just wondering about following question:

If a student fails in the exam, and he commits suicide, will the examiner be accused for his death? Can he be behind the bars? I dont think so. It's all about handling the pressure.

As per the question of pancholi, their relationship ended due to some valid reasons, she would have understood it and accepted it like most of us. Relationship do ends often and break up can be the toughest thing you will ever deal with. But that's all about life, that's how it work s, Accepting the past and moving forward. 


  1. No,Suraj Pancholi is not innocent as Jiah khan also went for abortion in their relationship.He was only playing with her body and emotions.

  2. jiah kab se sarif ho gayee.....ab jab ussne suicide kar li sabko innocent lagne lagi....