Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Uttarakhand disaster: Even relief has signs of Sonia, Rahul

Some Uttarakhand Congressmen are using relief supplies sent by Sonia and Rahul Gandhi to launch a Congress publicity campaign.

Hundreds of food packets and relief supplies have Congress posters stuck on them. They bear photos of the two party leaders and a message that these have been sent by them.

A senior state Congress leader said the Congress president had sent about 110 truckloads of relief supplies. There were no instructions to use the sad occasion to for publicity. "I'm deeply shocked to see food packets and relief supplies carrying Congress posters and banners," an Uttarakhand Congress Committee member said.

Congress state leader Yashpal Aryra said he wasn't aware of these posters. "If it's being done, it's shameful. This isn't time to play politics but to help survivors."

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