Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Trashiest films you have to watch!

Ok so there have been many gems over Bollywood 100 year history. Some good, some great and some so bad they were actually good. So here's my list of stomach churning films that will leave you feeling grateful you still have a life after the ordeal of watching them. 

First up is an all time favourite, Kamaal R Khan's Desh Drohi. What Aamir Khan did for Gracie Singh's career in Lagaan, KRK single handedly ruined in one fell swoop. In fact at first glance Gracie is almost unrecognisable in her entry scene which includes screeching to a stop on a bike and taking on aniti- North Indian Marathi 'manus'. Her ode to acid wash jeans and tacky 80s themed avatar is enough to make you barf. To top it all there's the OTT dialogue delivery and get this even a song thrown in while Gracie and KRK are on the run from some goons! Trust me watch Desh Drohi and then sit back and thank God it was just a film! 

Multi starrer Aatish featuring Karishma Kapoor, Raveena Tandon, Sanjay Dutt and Atul Agnihotri. Another gem from the 90s complete with tacky numbers and dance routines. What's worse is that i spent the entire film deciding what was worse, Karisma's busy eyebrows or Sanjay Dutt's mullet. A must watch to see how bad the 90s truly were. 

Himesh Reshammiya's acting endeavours got centrestage in his film Karzzz and going by the number of zzzs in the title, it's fair to assume that the film will make you comatose. Reshammiya of course uses the film as an excellent opportunity to clear his sinuses and belt out one nasal hit after another. And then there is Urmila followed by her quivering lip! 

Speaking of pouts and quivers, Kareena Kapoor as a supermodel being wooed by the boorish stuntman played by Akshay Kumar. Kareena of course does a pretty good rendition of the vacuous supermodel clichĂ© considering she didn't have to look very far from her own self. Then there is Vindoo Dara Singh who graces the film with his Neanderthal like presence and wit. 

Aiyya was Rani Mukherjee's plea to her fans to be cast as a siren. Even Prithviraj's thunder from down under couldn't save Aiyya from it's doomed destiny. Aiyya reminded me of a poor man's 'The Dirty Picture.'
Sajid Khan's ode to the 80s cult classic Himmatwala needed just that 'himmat' to watch it. Known for his cheesy, double innuendo sense of humour and sex jokes, Mr Khan the director stayed to his true artistic sensibilities. 

So the next time you're bored out of your skull, watch these gems and thank God you're mental faculties are still ok. 

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