Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Starlet Poonam Pandey can go to any lengths to grab attention.

This time around the queen of controversy does it by wearing nothing but a teeny-weeny thong in her debut movie Nasha.

When Poonam Pandey decided to strip for the cricketing heroes way back in 2011, it was amply clear that the babe was desperate to break into the world of showbiz. Ever since that
moment of glory, Poonam has been showing what she is made of….literally!The desperate for attention damsel is always looking for an opportunity to shed her clothes, indulge in skin show and speed straight into the headlines. This no-brainer strategy to stay in the limelight has worked for Pandey so far and she is getting increasingly famous for…err…being famous!

And now Poonam has a valid cause to show off her true ‘potential’. For her new erotic movie Nasha the gal has been showing her assets. First we saw her long legs on the movie poster, then her bare back and now – wait for it – her behind!

Here’s Poonam in a thong as tiny as dental floss, putting up her assets on display. Clearly, the still – and Pandeys’ pert butt – is photoshopped and air-brushed to make it all look smooth, shiny and enticing. Take a long look at Poonam’s naughty endeavour and tell us if she is going the right way to attain the fame she’s lusting after. Also, let us know: Do you find Poonam hot, titillating, super-sexy or just sheer desperate!


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